Martin’s trip today – Great prices on lean meat and eggs!


Here’s a breakdown of how my Martin’s trip went today, I’ll be posting a photo later.

Transaction #1

(4) Bounty Napkins (50 ct) $1 ea
– (2) $1/2 coupons
(1) Chi Chi’s Salsa $1.50
– (1) .50/1 coupon, doubles to $1
(1) Chi Chi’s tortilla $1.50
– (1) .50/1 coupon, doubles to $1
(1) Bush’s Baked Beans Sweet Mesquite $1.75
– (1) $1.50/1 coupon
(1) Coke Zero $1.59 (Had to splurge) 🙂
(2) HillShire Farm Turkey Sausage $4.49 Buy One Get One Free
– (1) .55/1 coupon, doubles to $1
(1) Perdue Simply Smart Chicken $6.99
– (1) $5.00/1 coupon
(1) King’s Hawaiian Hot Dog Buns $2 (I could just slather these with butter, no need for the hot dog.) 🙂
– (1) $1/1 coupon
(2) Lloyd’s Shredded BBQ Chicken $5.99 Buy One Get One Free
– (1) $1/1 coupon
2 Mini ice creams $1 a piece (I had my little girl with me and she was on her best behavior) . 🙂
(1) Land O Lakes Eggs $2
– (1) .75/1 coupon, rounds up to $1

Total before coupons and discounts $52.80
Total after coupons and discounts $21.19

Transaction #2

(1) Chi Chi’s salsa $1.50
– (1) .50/1 coupon, doubles to $1
(1) Chi Chi’s Tortilla’s $1.50
– (1) .50/1 coupon, doubles to $1
(1) Land O Lakes Eggs $2
– (1) .75/1 coupon, rounds up to $1

Total before coupons and sales for the second transaction was $7.93. Total after coupons and sales for the second transaction was $2.09.
I thought this was a really good trip! We already have lots of baby carrots, and frozen veggies. I’ll be picking up some more produce later this week, and we still have milk left from the cereal /milk promo extravaganza from two weeks ago that’s still in date so I think we’re set for a while. What are your favorite deals this week?


New Coupons for Yogurt


My little girl loves yogurt! I love my Greek  yogurt as well, between the two of us we go through a lot of  yogurt.  Here are two coupons for  yogurt.

1) Go to enter you info and select  the coupons you want. They are currently offering

$1/1 Chobani Champions 4 pack

.50/1 Chobani Greek yogurt , 32 oz cup

.30/1 Chobani Greek Yogurt 6 oz cup ( will double to .60 at Martin’s)

2)  “Like” Yo kids on Facebook, and they will email you a coupon for $1/1 off a 4-pack  Stonyfield YoKids Organic Greek Yogurt ( For some reason my coupon didn’t print, if it says something different than this please let me know.)

$2 Games at Target


Target has some great deals on kids board games this week. They have a selection of board games on sale for $5. There is also coupons available in the 3/25 Playsaver insert.

Here are the participating board games :

Candyland, Memory, Chutes and Ladders, and Cootie

Use the $3 off Candyland,  Chutes and Ladders, Memory, or Cootie. (Playsaver 3/25)

Price after sale $2

This is a great sale price. I was at the Front Royal Target yesterday, and there were still plenty available.

Which of these games was your childhood favorite? I loved candyland. 🙂


.52 12 pack of Coke products at CVS



Yes, you are reading it correctly!  This is not a misprint or typo. 🙂 Yesterday when I checked my account on , I had a coupon for $2.00 off soda or candy. You may or may not have one in your account.  If you are planning a trip to CVS to get the Special K deal I posted about yesterday, scan your card at the red CVS coupon machine, you may find it there as well. Coke products (12 pk cans) are on sale for $2.50 this week. I asked the cashier if I could use the coupon on the 12 pack, and it worked!! Let me know if you get this coupon either online or in the store! I don’t drink much soda anymore, but I couldn’t resist at this price!

Prescription gift card offer at Walgreen’s


I’m soo excited! I haven’t seen a prescription gift card offer in over a year!! If you transfer (this does not apply to new prescriptions) a prescription to Walgreen’s online, you’ll get a $25 gift card for each prescription (My husband and I just got $75 in gift cards!! ) 🙂

Here’s how you can get one too:

1) Go to

2) Click on the banner that says $25  gift card with a transferred prescription.

3) Fill out all your information. I submitted my prescriptions one at a time so that  I could print 3 coupons.

4)After you submit the order you will see a banner  near the top of the screen that says something along the lines of click here to print you $25 gift card coupon

5)Take the coupon with you when you pick up the prescription.  You need to have a coupon for each prescription. They can only give you one gift card per transaction. You’ll need to have each prescription rung up separately. ( If they give you a hard time about doing separate transactions, walk out to your car and come back.  Then it will be a separate transaction) 🙂 According to the fine print  the offer expires 5/30/12, but on most of the blogs I check, they are listing a date of 4/30/12 so 5/30/12 may be a misprint.


*Note* If  you want to be sure to get a gift card for each prescription, try to submit each one as a separate order.

Great deal on Special K this week at CVS


CVS has an amazing deal on Special K right now.

Buy 3 boxes at $2.50 ea

Use a coupon for $1/3 from

Total $6.50

Plus get a $4 Extra Buck Reward for buying 3 This is an amazing deal, I’ve already done the deal twice at my local CVS. I’ll be going back an getting more later in the week.

*NOTE* The extra bucks will only print when you purchase 3 at a time, for example if I would have purchased all 6 in the same transaction, I would not have gotten my second $4 Extra reward.

What are your favorite CVS deals this week?

Last 25 pound challenge


Today I’m starting a new series “Last 25 pound challenge” because I really need to get myself into gear.  I’ve been hovering around 150 or so since last June, and I really want to get down to 125. 🙂 Plus with all the running around that my little girl does, I really need to catch up with her. ( I’ll definitely be getting some exercise 🙂 ) So every Friday, I’m going to do an update on my progress for the week. This morning I started at 151,  I’m hoping to be at my goal in 6 months.

One of my biggest downfalls is holidays. Every holiday I take off my diet for the day and gain several pounds, and it takes me till the next holiday to get those pounds off.  For example before Thanksgiving I was doing great I was 147.  I went up a few pounds,  and did not lose them till Christmas when I was 149. Then I did the same thing again. By Valentine’s I was once again below 150, and I’m still stuck at 151. It’s been an endless cycle for me I guess. So I’ve decided that I’m eat like I normally do for Easter with maybe ONE special treat, and hopefully I’ll have better results 🙂

I’ve realized over the last several months that it really IS possible to eat healthy on a budget. Our weekly grocery budget is $80, now that might seem high to some of you, but I really try to focus on getting a lot of fruits and vegetables into my family’s diet. I’ve found that you can get really good deals on frozen vegetables, lean meat, produce and dairy products.  Here’s a few examples of items I’ll be buying this week.


Johnsonville Chicken Sausage : Buy one Get one Free at Martin’s this week @ $4.79

There’s also a $1 off coupon in this weeks Smartsource ( SS 3/25)

After coupon and sale you can get  two packs of these for $3.79


Hormel Natural Choice $2.50 this week at Martin’s

There is a coupon for .50/1 on

Martin’s doubles the first identical coupon

Final price after sale and coupon is $1.50 (My family loves this!)


Market Pantry Frozen Vegetables at Target

On Target’s website there is a coupon for $1/4

Certain varieties are regularly priced at $1

Final Price is $3/4  That’s less than $1 a bag!


Crystal Light PURE price is a few cents over $2.00

There is a coupon for $1/2 in the #/18 Smartsource

That makes each one a few cents more than $1.50


Post Honey Bunches of Oats Fruit Blends are on sale this week at Rite aid for $1.99

There is a coupon for $1/1 in the 2/26 Smartsource

After the sale and coupon each box of cereal is .99 . This is definitely a stock up price.


These are just a few examples of the items I’m shopping for this week.  What are your favorite healthy items to stock up on?